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Samples of work in Flash™

Fun. Fancy. Artistic.
Practical. Educational. Interactive.

Electrical Safety Authority Christmas Card

This whimsical Christmas e-card from the Electrical Safety Authority has some cool animation tricks ... (read more)

Manual Bookkeeping Tutorial

An interactivity from Imagine Canada that demonstrates a number of bookkeeping practices in fine detail ... (read more)

Innovation Exchange Splash Page

Given some flat graphics, I was asked to make an interesting animation that shows a community taking root and sharing ideas ... (read more)

Ukulele Trainer

This innovative learning tool allows ukulele players to interact with the chart and the music itself to refine their ability to play along ... (read more)

LCBO Promotional Animation

Simple display of slogan and graphics for LCBO promotional programs ... (read more)

Interactive Toronto Directory Map

An interactive pop-up map showing facilities run by Fred Victor in Toronto ... (read more)

MVI Splash Page

A traditional test pattern shatters into transparent sheets and lasers for this attention-getting splash page animation ... (read more)

Manual Bookkeeping Flowchart

This interactivity from Imagine Canada shows processes involved with manual bookkeeping ... (read more)

CCAB Gala Dinner Background Animation

Rendered as an MP4 and played on huge video montitors at the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business' ... (read more)

PIM*LINK Tutorial

A visual and verbal walk-through of the features and uses of ... (read more)


Gravity Christmas Card

A charming Christmas card, with a custom musical score ... (read more)


Gravity's Bouncing Marble

From an old website for Gravity Inc., the playful marble-based navigation ... (read more)

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